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June 2021

We’ve been at our new home for 18 months and while 2020 was been difficult we have managed to sail regularly. Our IOM racing has continued to develop and we now see fleets of 12-15 boats racing in all weathers and we hear of several brand new boats on order. The DF95s sailing is proving a very attractive class for newcomers and seasoned pros alike and we should have a fleet of 10 or so racing every week by the end of the summer.. The year started with 3 boats and we now have 12 -15 boats in the club. We have ample opportunities for both experts and novices alike and offer competitive racing in good sized fleets. Our members regularly provide one-on-one tuition where required and offer weekly training sessions where you’ll find friendly help to get your boat going well. If you’re new to the sport, with advance notice, we’ll do our best to have a variety of boats available for you to sail to help you decide which class of boat suits your needs best.

We also have a club group build of 5 or 6 Lionheart J class boats (60 inches long) and there will be more details soon on our J Class Pages. The beauty of these boats is undeniable and they will make a graceful site in the relatively near future.

DF95 racing – close one design fleets –
Picture thanks to Sue Brown

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