Big Boats

Big Boat Saturdays

If you have a big Racing Yacht then bring it along we the Big Boat section meets every Saturday at about 10:30 through to 15:00 in the winter later in the Summer. Normally its dark when we leave!

There will be handicap racing every third Saturday of the month when we get organised. So it does not matter how old your boat is or how good you are at sailing it. You will still stand a chance of wining.

So dig out that old “Marblehead” or “10 Rater” or maybe even a “A Class” bring it along and have some fun with like minded owners.

Two Classic A class Yachts on the lake a Whitefriars Sailing Club

From the MYA A Class web page

Yep 2020 is here, another year and the beginning of another decade. So apart from being 2020 whats the vision, if you’ll pardon the pun, to what’s new, what’s happening and, Heavens to Betsy, what’s changing.

Let’s take it from the top, the A class has not one but two Class Captains, Mike Ewart and Bill Green. If you haven’t already met either one you soon will. Mike is the one with the beard and hair the other has minimal amounts of either. Fairly easy to distinguish. Both have been around radio sailing for more years than you can shake a stick at and both have the A and 6m Classes to heart. Why two? I hear you ask, that’s very easy to answer Mike and Bill have worked together to make something of the 6m class and propose doing similar things for the A. That is not to take anything away from Bob Conner, he did a cracking job for far longer than he was supposed to, the Class is richer for his work and we all owe him a huge debt of gratitude. Thanks Bob. The PRACC series dates for 2020 are all set and they are shown on the 2020 MYA racing calendar. To help you we have also shown the National and District Championships and there is an event coming to a lake near you.

Well that deals with what’s happening and parts of what’s new, so what’s the other bit? One of the things about the PRACC series was that it didn’t consider what happens to the older boats. Most of them gather dust, are not sailed and look a bit past there sell by dates. Glories of a yesteryear. Not anymore, no more excuses, a Classic Class is introduced into all the A class events to get those boats out of the loft, the shed or the dark and out where they belong, out on the water competing. You no longer need the latest thing in carbon to compete, there are some beautiful A boats out there built in natures Hi Tech material that need a bit of TLC and a touch of bringing up to date. Now’s the time to do it. Whats a Classic? that’s simple its design that is no longer competitive with the current premier fleet, it can be an Argo, a Sweet 6, a Privateer, a John Lewis design etc. If you are not certain ask either Mike or Bill. Its not all about speed is about the history, the tradition, the grace of the class and we will talk more of the tradition later.

OK the bit that’s left to mention is what’s changing. The class is seeking formal recognition as a Class Owners Group (COG) under the auspices of the MYA. When we know what is required we will be in touch with as many of the A Class skippers we know about to seek your input before confirming it. Its not a big leap at all, it’s another step in the proposed changes to the MYA where the running of the classes is being devolved to the classes. In today’s age that is the right thing to do. You may have seen the changes to the MYA Constitution and the COG’s are a fundamental part of that. Here is not the place to discuss that except to say that we believe is the right way to go for the class. A similar move has been made on behalf of the 6m Class.

There was mention of history and tradition, so there is little something for you to think about. In 2023 the A Class is 100 years old, yes that’s right, 100 years. That is something to celebrate and we have started to think seriously about it. Nothing is concrete yet and we need your thoughts about about what, where and how, so don’t be shy let us know because we certainly will be asking the question through out this year. Several suggestions have already been made and the feelers are out and about. Talk to us.

We would like to update the list of A Class skippers so we can contact you directly to let you know what’s up and coming. We will be in touch with the Club Secs to help us out or you can contact me direct through the MYA site using the A Class Registrar link.

Hopefully we will see see you at the PRACC events and here’s to an interesting and challenging 2020 and see you on the water.

Mike Ewart and Bill Green
A Class Captains