For Sale

Date 17 Dec 19
1/.  Graupner MZ 12 Pro.   12Ch Tx
       1 Rx 12 Ch
        1 Rx. 6 Ch
        1. Spare battery
All as new and with carry case   £90

2/.  Graupner MZ 16.   8Ch. Tx
        1. Rx.  8 Ch
        2. Rx.  6 Ch

Very good condition and with carry case. £ 80

Set  No1. has  voice alerts — switchable, set No2 has instruction manual but both set are very easy to setup and use or any problems, I will help.
Anyone interested please email me and I will meet them at the lake.

Many thanks.


Tony. contact via contact form

Due to COVD-19 all organised racing is postponed for the foreseeable future