For Sale

Date 17 Dec 19
1/.  Graupner MZ 12 Pro.   12Ch Tx
       1 Rx 12 Ch
        1 Rx. 6 Ch
        1. Spare battery
All as new and with carry case   £90

2/.  Graupner MZ 16.   8Ch. Tx
        1. Rx.  8 Ch
        2. Rx.  6 Ch

Very good condition and with carry case. £ 80

Set  No1. has  voice alerts — switchable, set No2 has instruction manual but both set are very easy to setup and use or any problems, I will help.
Anyone interested please email me and I will meet them at the lake.

Many thanks.


Tony. contact via contact form

We have decided to close the lake for the next month and all being well we could be back sailing 5 December 2020