IOM 2020 Archive

Autumn 2020

IOM Sailing 15 December 2020

Despite the weather forecast ten lucky sailors enjoyed a full days racing with bright sunshine in a  challenging force 2 to force 3 wind, ten sailors were split into two groups and sailed the same course,  ensuring social Isolation was maintained. We saw Simon, a new member sailing with us who will return with  a modern design next week, he kindly photographed the complete rainbow which blessed the last few  races. Roger with Cliff set out an oval course with large windward and reaching legs which required skilful  choices on the best way to get to the front using the shifts wisely. Two laps were used and this saw the  lead changing from the first to the second lap. 

It seemed Brian and JT made the best of the conditions, generally rule observance and penalties were  undertaken with good humour. 

Gordon and Cliff had moments of glory, Roger showed great reaching speed. Relative new sailors David  and Richard we’re mixing it with the leaders at times showing the IOM fleet strength is growing. The tired  and happy sailors left at around 3:30. 


IOM Sailing 8 December 2020

Sad to report to the missing members that today we had a wonderful days sailing enjoyed by
seven skippers.
Roger and Cliff set a small triangular course because of the very light shifting wind and generally
over one lap but extended to two laps when the wind was stronger, with close tactical racing.
Barry went off well, Cliff had the best boat speed and was generally out in front but didn’t win
because he went to the wrong buoys on three occasions, Roger in some sort of sympathy mood
insisted on hitting the right buoys and again lost the race wins.
We’ve asked Cliff and Rog to ring in just in case they get lost or hit the roundabouts on their way
Gordon got his act together to get two well deserved wins.
Seven lucky and happy sailors left just before dusk with very large smiles on their faces.

IOM Sailing 13 October 2020

Another grand day’s sailing with a cool, mostly bright, northerly breeze just right for the IOM ‘A’ suit. Social distancing was observed with only 6 attendees on the water – Derek had battery problems with his Shiraz. The water wasn’t too choppy either with a windward/leeward course set to the north and south side of the starting hut with a run to a southerly mark and back to the start off the point. Five IOMs competed with a DF95 bringing up the rear with a 9 – 13 mph wind. All races were of 2 laps duration. As time progressed skippers got used to the strange wind fluctuations between the north bank and the first mark. David started to do well after a bit of tuning and was often in the lead to the first mark after the 3rd race. Two or three boats got hooked up at the downwind mark, mostly I suspect because it was a long way from the bank in the sun and the tethering line must have been floating close to the surface. After 4 races we took a break for lunch in the sun out of the wind – perfect. The afternoon races were not so sunny and the marks were easier to see but this meant the odd infringement took place as the boats rounded for the next leg! Fortunately, the wind was a bit fluky so the low speed in these incidents did not cause any damage. I for one need a bit more training on rules at the start line! As the afternoon wore on skippers left and we ended the day with just 3 boats. Personally, I enjoyed the day very much, so well done everyone for keeping up the banter and repartee. Brian W

29 September 2020

Eight IOM skippers attended the lake and were looking forward to a good days racing. Ideal top suit conditions were forecast. Social distancing arrangements were satisfied by forming two groups. A barrier was set up between the two groups to prevent anyone absent mindedly wandering into the other group and transgressing the regulations.

During these proceedings a windward / leeward course was laid out by Roger and Cliff, with a gate at the windward mark. With these arrangements completed racing got underway on time at 11.00am. Despite the forecast, typically the breeze ceased as soon as the racing started.

The second and third races were reduced to one lap then a coffee break was taken, hopefully to allow the forecast conditions to return.  This proved to be the case and the rest of the day was enjoyed in ideal conditions. As the day progressed some skippers left the lake due to time constraints, so the majority of the afternoon saw five boats on the water.  In total fourteen races were sailed. All races in the afternoon were of two laps duration.

It was notable that Terry and David (our newest skippers) were starting well and sometimes lead the race to the gate. Unfortunately for them they were eventually overhauled by the more experienced competitors, but with their obvious tactical experience, once the skills of skippering remotely is acquired, they will soon be holding their positions!! Special thanks to Terry for the admirable job he did monitoring the start and finish line for the day and keeping us all in order.

On a personal note I’d like to say what a most enjoyable day we had and thank everyone for their company. The racing was close, and sailed in a sporting and good-natured manner, long may it continue!

Regards to all,


22 September 2020

At last, the weed has abated and today, resulted in a great day’s sailing.
With an initial skipper count of 9 it was decided to run the races with two sailors off in each race to act as
observers and to record finishing positions. After race 4 our numbers diminished to 6 so Barry volunteered
to give us all a chance to have a win and took on the OOD roll and recorded the results. We welcomed new
member David Lyle to the IOM fleet, after a hesitant start he achieved a 3rd position in race 4 and a 2nd in
race 9, well done David. The overall winner today was Brian with his new boat, ‘Red Wine’, well done
Brian. The very fickle wind directions and strength resulted in frustrations at times but still a very enjoyable
Thanks to all who assisted with race preparations and putting everything away at finish, roll on next week.

Winter 2020


What a race day force 4 to force 6 , gusts and big wind shifts. Seven sailors huddled in the club house deciding whether to sail or just look at the white horses on the lake. Paul acted as test bed, fitted a C sail and showed it was possible to race.

So those with C sails started racing around a simple two lap anti clockwise course using a permanent club marker as top mark. The wind shifts allowed place changes , together with gust behind boats overtaking front leaders. Cliff and Gordon who only had b rigs kindly acted as score keepers and OODs in the warm race hut .

Several races were delayed to allow boats to be fixed when things became detached or loose. A very good and exciting sail was enjoyed by all.


More wind than ever making it a difficult choice to use either the B or C rig for the seven sailors. Finally the B rig was selected and racing started after a brief wait to let the strongest of winds to ease . Brian kindly volunteered to be OOD due to having only an A rig and kept us in order watching the start line and buoys for infringement .

Eight races were held over two laps in a large triangular course set on the most sheltered side of the lake but this allowed large bends in the wind and gusts to flow across the course with positions changing frequently due to bunching on buoys and missed shifts .

Please note no racing next week in respect for Peter. Next IOM racing is TUESDAY 10 March


Today’s weather forecast, together with the storms of the last 2 weeks, meant that numbers were down today and on the face of it who can blame them. We know several people who are struggling with colds.

Seven skippers turned up to a reasonable A rig SSW wind so we set a course up on the inside of the spit. A simple windward mark with a spreader and the same at the leeward marks have us a good initial course. JT was hot off the start with his new 3D printed Alternative which was on its first outing. I’m sure JT’s Alternative will produce more consistent results once it’s setup fully. He and Barry duelled for the first few races with the lead changing several times in several races while the rest of us made up the numbers. Garry wasn’t showing the same speed he’s produced over recent weeks. Eventually the cold and damp got the better of Garry and he called it a day. Derek’s new boat is clearly fast and Derek saw a very creditable 3rd on merit in at least one race and had generally good starts.

Roger’s Kantun S had moments of blistering speed but was inconsistent especially as the wind became more southerly as the afternoon progressed.

In the end we finished a great days racing in good strong winds and testing variability which made tactical choices a bit of a lottery especially at the top mark. Paul slipped on a paving slab early in the proceedings and has damaged his rudder which has now been sent of to Dave Creed for a speedy repair. Shame the same can’t be said for bruised hips!


Very good racing with 7 sailors coming to the line on B rigs after a lakeside discussion . Brian having only an A rig kindly volunteered ( with an arm up his back ) to be OOD and did a sterling job. The race course was set by both Roger and JT, consisting of two laps in a clockwise triangular direction . The wind was ideal for the B rigs for most of the day and died away for the last three races which  allowed Brian to sail with his A rig .

Tactics were important to get to the windward mark first using wind shifts and stronger gusts in different parts of the course. Derek is getting to grips with his new boat and showing potential which will improve with practice. Ten races were held and rule observance was very good with penalty turns being volunteered allowing close sailing.

Both Cliff and Steve were missed and hopefully they will be at the lake next week .


Light winds greeted the thirteen sailors which luckily increased to allow the boats to move and have meaningfully racing .

However the setting of the course was difficult to create a good windward leg , several buoys were moved before racing started creating a clockwise course over two laps .

Places changed frequently aided by a myriad of fouls which occurred during the day allowing slower boats to catch up and gain higher places . Garry acted as OD today and did a good job keeping things moving .

We were blessed by a surprise quality racer Rupert from Portishead who mixed it at the front most the time . Welcome Rupert hope to see you again hopefully with a few others from yours and other local clubs .

Things are moving very fast , new boats appearing nearly every week , Derek with a Shiraz, Brian Sailing a borrowed Boat .

Steve sailed very well with his MX 16 .

Special thanks to Cliff , Paul and Roger helping sort technical problems on Derek’s and  Steve’s boats .

The weather remained dry and warm allowing the sailors to enjoy the racing , at the close of day everyone stopped on to get the buoys in and clean the club house .

Looking forward to next week’s race day .


Rarely have I seen a scale sailing boat like Tony’s Plymouth Hooker. Provided a sense of calm and order today.

Although not an IOM we had Tony Judd sailing his beautiful Plymouth Hooker today

11 sailors arrived today for our weekly mid-week IOM winter series. The lake had small waves, good wind and bright sunshine and after discussion it was decided to use the largest A rig. However, it didn’t stay that way. Both Cliff and Roger acted as race officers putting out the buoys to form a square course over two laps.

It was good to see new faces  mixing it with the regulars, well done Bill , Edward and Derek who will hopefully be sailing a newer boat next time.

Places changed on the course due to shifting wind and boats submerging in the increasing wind . A weather front brought racing to an end after race nine due to uncontrollable boats in the much higher  wind. What is does show is that if you don’t bring your smaller suits of sails you may find it impossible to sail.

A small rule lesson was held at the mid day break , due to several boats fouling the line whilst on port tack several times. Sailors left at 4.15 after a lovely fair days sailing .

Well done Barry on a near faultless start to this series


A grey day started with light winds from the North greeted the 10 Skippers today. The Race Officer, Brian Tanner, set a course with a start-line just off the point and a long first leg to a port rounded windward mark with a long leg to a spreader before turning downwind to a turning mark. Racing got underway at 1230pm and the wind began to come round to the East and reduce in strength. The long first beat, to a now very distant first mark, caused a few issues and we’ll try to set courses closer to shore in future. The 2 class acts of the day were Roger and Barry who clearly had the best boat speed in the light winds. Trading places throughout the afternoon the two leading skippers together with Cliff and Steve (who showed great speed) there were some very close finishes. Weed adversely affected a few skippers and the results show just how close this group is in terms of ability and boat speed. Final spoils went to Barry with Roger and Cliff hard on his heels. Brian did a great job as Race Officer and will repeat the job next week before getting his own IOM on the water. Hopefully we’ll see this fleet rise to 14 or 15 regular sailors in the coming weeks. We are also starting to race DF65 and DF95 this next week on Monday and/or Friday so watch out.This is an address of Access Self Storage. Saturday works from 09:30 a.m till 13:30, Sunday is non working day. Please, give the package to an employee of the Access Self Storage.


Today was, based on recent weather, very nice with sunny periods and no appreciable rain while sailing. With 9 skippers we set out a broad triangle course with a long beat to the first mark. The wind started off SW around 8-10 knots and everyone on A rigs. After 5 or so races, those that could changed down to B rigs after numerous impersonations of submarines. The racing was close and in the end Barry Trueman triumphed with his Sedici. Steve was the only one to persist with A rig and turned in a couple of very creditable results. Cliff Hannam with his Malteser showed just how fast he can be winning a couple of races. Roger was missing from the fleet but did a sterling job as RaceOfficer, even if he did call some people ‘over’ at the start.
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Our first International One Metre (IOM) race was held at Whitefriars Sailing Club Wednesday 8 January. Wind was light from the W/WSW and 9 skippers saw a challenging triangular course set by Race Officer (Roger). Some very close battles throughout the day with John Taylor (3D printed Ellipsis) taking the honours from Barry Trueman (Sedici) in second. Eventually the wind died away almost completely but we look forward to another try next week. Currently we are sailing on a Wednesday from 1230pm but will move to a permanent Tuesday in mid March.