IOM Sailing 2021

IOM Summer Series 1, No 9. 15th June 2021 

Brilliant (even too hot) sunny weather with light breeze blessed us all day and enjoyed by  eleven lucky sailors. 

We were also joined today by Rupert Preston, an experienced IOM sailor from the  Woodspring Club. 

David Wilkinson as OOD kept things moving smoothly and efficiently which allowed  thirteen races to be run. Cliff, Roger and David set out a triangular course, sometimes clockwise, sometimes anti clockwise to facilitate a windward first leg in the shifty wind. In the last few races, due to a wind shift, the course stretched to include one of the large  fixed yellow marks in the lake. 

Ivor, a sailing rules expert kindly sat in on the racing to adjudicate and generally advised and guided us on rule compliance, which was very informative and he even offered to  return for a further session … thank you Ivor. 

The weed has started to interfere with the racing, with most skippers being affected to  some degree. 

Barry and JT now have their J class Nottingham 48 yachts sailing, which should be affected  less by floating weed. 

Sailors left the club around four o’clock, many with red faces, after being in the sun all day. Barry has been nominated as OOD for next week. 


IOM Summer Series 1, No 8. 8th June 2021 

Beautiful sunny weather with light wind blessed us all day which was an added bonus to  encourage several of our new IOM band of sailors, some complete novices but I’ve got to  say brilliant, very quick learners who will through their determination and skill will be up  

amongst the established front runners, well done and a big welcome to our group. The wind was light and reasonably constant big thanks to Roger and Cliff who set out an  oval clockwise course which was ideal in the mainly force one to two wind speed. Simon is developing into a champion rower and very useful for buoy placement. Due to wind shadows several lead changes occurred very close to the finish line. Rule  observance and penalties was again improved by using an observer each race. To help  improve rule knowledge an expert on rules will be present next week to comment on each  race and to advise us, hopefully you will see this as educational and not critical and will be  completely impartial to us, it will give us all an opportunity to clear up misunderstandings  ask questions and facilitate better, safer and fair sailing. 

Thirteen sailors enjoyed the day and 14 races were run in the bright sunshine, a long  windward and running leg allowed options for best and fastest course to be sailed mainly  over one lap but extended to two laps when the wind increased. 

Cliff was an excellent ODD and kept things moving with slick instructions to who was  adjudicator and scorer for each race. 

Barry’s sandwiches were stolen by a very crafty crow, only informed of the culprit when we  had a late visit by Brian Tanner and his wife who enjoyed lunch with us, he confirmed he  had his stolen before, so watch out we’ve a thief amongst us .  

Most sailors left the club about 3 pm but several stopped on to enjoy the late afternoon  breeze, all with a brown faces and big smiles. 

David Wilkinson will be next week’s OOD

IOM Summer Series 1, No 7.  1st June 2021

A perfect top suit breeze, blue skies and 26 degrees, ideal conditions for our latest summer series 1 No 7. Simon Evans was today’s OOD and he set out an excellent course.  (With the able and efficient assistance from Cliff !!) A recent newcomer to model sailing, it was Simon’s first racing duty as OOD.  However, he has a wealth of experience from his full size racing and brought these skills to run a most enjoyable competition.
Although common at other clubs it was the first time that we used ‘a man off to observe’ in each race.
His duties are to watch the start line, record the finishing order and call any contacts or contraventions during the race, then to ensure any resultant penalties are served. This system works well and will be used again in the future. Racing during the day was generally very close, inevitable as skills are developing.
Also rule adherence is improving, no doubt in part due to the watchful eyes of the observers!
There was a spread of winners and front runners during the day. 
Brian had a good run of four consecutive wins during the afternoon, Roger had problems with the buoys getting in his way. David L was doing particularly well sailing his yellow yacht in one race and was three parts of the way around the course when he realised the yellow yacht he was ‘sailing’ was in fact Garry’s, His boat had sailed off unseen across the lake behind us – causing much mirth when the realisation hit!
In David’s defence his number is 126 and Garry’s is 12 – so this added to the confusion. 
He has subsequently been made an honorary member of the Specsavers Club.
Unfortunately a couple of our regulars, Barry and JT were unable to join us today.
Normally top runners and banter meisters – they were missed, shame because it was a cracking day…   (Especially, for my hull). In conclusion it was a good, full day of sailing with eighteen races in total.  All sailed in a good humoured and sporting manner.

IOM Summer Series 1, No 6.  25th May 2021

Despite the forecast 7 lucky sailors enjoyed a full day’s racing in sunny and dry conditions.

The wind speed ranging from 12 to 28 mph dictated that B rigs were selected and ideal for the conditions for over ninety percent of the time sailing.

Due to the high winds Brian and John set a course that minimised the number of buoys that Roger needed to place using the dinghy. A fixed full-size buoy used for the windward mark, only required a downwind and start buoy to be placed.

Several wind shifts up the long windward leg allowed changes in the lead around the windward buoy, the leaders sometimes overtaken on the long return downwind leg facilitating a great battle from the downwind buoy up the short beat to the finish allowing for clever tack choices to steal first position right on the line many times.

Winners and different boats varied over the full days racing, 16 races were held due to the fantastic conditions, good starts and clever tactics during the races and concentration paid off every time, it was good to see some tailenders up the front showing the depth of progress being made to form a competitive fleet getting harder to predict winners every week.

Rule observance was far better today and is improving every week, it’s been suggested that a Mars bar may be awarded to the best sailor and shame fudge bar to the worst rule observer if rule abuse does not improve further ……😂

In summary it was a fantastic day’s sailing and due to the high number of races all sailors left the club quite tired but with very broad smiles.

Simon kindly used the dinghy to retrieve the buoys and everybody mucked in clearing everything away at the end of the day, well done guys.

Simon has been nominated to be next week’s OOD.


IOM Summer Series 1, No 5.  18th May 2021

Today’s racing was most enjoyable with a light WSW breeze that produced some interesting conditions and with 13 races of 2 laps ensured the boats were strung out around the course. The course was set by Steve and laid by Richard with a long windward mark in an attempt to separate the leaders, then a reaching mark for a bit of speed and then to the downwind mark and back to the start/finish. For the first 3 races it seemed to work but soon became apparent that the windward mark was too far away for most of us to see if we were around or not. The mark was brought closer to the bank and the wind became fluky with shifting conditions a short distance away which produced a bit of cursing; some boats getting a lift and overtaking the leaders.
Only two of the races produced a general recall much to the chagrin of the boats that got to the windward mark first! The second recall occurred after half the fleet were over the line at the gun because of the sudden increased wind just before the start.
As the day progressed, between the showers, there were some windy conditions and for the most part there was a better adherence to penalty taking after contact with boats or marks – well done guys, keep it up. Many thanks to Julian and Tim for acting OOD and controlling the start and recording the finish line; not an easy job with 3 or 4 boats coming over the line almost at the same time.

IOM Summer Series 1, No 4.   11th May 2021

IOM racing at its pinnacle today, warm southerly wind ranging from 2 to 30 mph with unpredictable gusts, but luckily, generally from the same point of the compass.
Racing started after Brian and Roger kindly set the course, ‘A’ suits of sails, were generally the right sails until we had a lunch break and all except Cliff changed to ‘B’ rigs because of the strengthening wind.
Cliff’s boat did several nose dives and looked like a ballerina at times on points turning sharply.
The anti-clock wise course had a challenging long beat and two long downwind legs which allowed many place changes.
When Gordon joined Barry observing for rule infringements, the number of penalty turns trebled straight away, the culprits being named and shamed. Unless penalties are taken, we will have to introduce observers until we improve our rule knowledge.
The ten sailors had lively banter and different interpretation of the rules were aired, I think a brief light hearted bank briefing may help us to all sail to the same rules before the days racing begins.

IOM Summer Series 1, No 3.   27th April 2021

Twelve sailors enjoyed warm conditions and good sailing, despite little wind today, including a very quick guest Hugh with his home built, Vecktor.  JT, today’s OOD set a triangular clockwise course over one or two laps depending on the speed boats could drift around the course.

Scoring and finishing first in the fickle conditions saw many different winners and new faces at the front at times.

Rule observance should be improved together with undertaking penalty turns, please let the rise in ability now being enjoyed, be also joined by better rule and penalty undertaking.

Please note, that unless we do this voluntary, then an observer system is being considered to help tighten up fair sailing and reduce boat contact and potential costly repairs ….. We’re all guilty at times, some more so than others.

It was a good day at the lake allowing good and bad luck with wind shifts and different gusts over the lake, bank banter was I’m glad to say, was above par.

Next week’s OOD will be Brian, nominated by JT.

IOM Summer Series 1 No 2 20th April 2021

Eleven plus sailors turned up to very light, frustrating and some fickle wind
drifting, making the course setting almost impossible. Dave and his friend Jim
stepped up to the OOD duty and got the course out ready to race at 11 o’clock,
well done to you both.
The race course alternated between clockwise and anti-clockwise to achieve a
windward start each time.
There was some confusion at times but overall, it allowed for sensible starts.
Bunching on buoys and buoy hitting was quite common throughout the fleet
and noted that not everyone did their penalties.
New and old faces won races and the bankside banter was up to its usual high
standard, after two tea breaks many happy sunburnt faces departed about four
A couple of new IOM boats appeared on the bank, one a lovely woodie but
unfortunately, we didn’t get to see them sail.
Dave nominated John for next week’s OOD duty, this is a new scheme where
the current acting OOD nominates the next week’s, thereby giving everyone an
opportunity to experience the task.

IOM Summer Series 1 No 1   13th April 2021

Thirteen members attended for the first round of the 2021 summer league series of races.  Fortunately, a beautiful, mild spring day welcomed everyone.  Unfortunately, there was nil – or very little wind!!
However, the thermal breezes soon appeared which enabled racing to go ahead after a delayed start of 45 minutes.
Of course with this type of variable breezes, sailing becomes very taxing, with the direction and speed constantly changing.
This kept todays OOD, Barry, very busy with, numerous course changes and alternating start directions. Being as experienced as he is, Barry did a sterling job and made the day a success considering the difficult circumstances.
The racing was completed, then all cleared up by approx. 3.30pm, thanks to the volunteers acting as a team, this was done in record time.

Radio Control Sailing 6th April 2021

Eight hardy IOM sailors braved the 12 to 20 mph bitter Northerly winds today.

The usual gang of Roger, John, Garry and Barry set out and cleared up the race course again. Can other regular racers step up and help with this task in the future please, racing cannot take place unless this duty is undertaken. If your’ not familiar with what to do please ask for help we will all be happy to oblige.

The weather was a medley involving sun, snow, strong gusts, causing large waves on the lake.

A simple triangular clockwise course was set out with a very long beat and two large reaching and running legs over two laps.

Over the ten races completed, Barry went well, particularly in the heavier wind, both Roger and Brian being polite, introduced their boats to the buoys several times.

Simon had glimpses of speed not always on the course sadly, but he is fast when he gets it right.

Unfortunately, John had a coming together, resulting in some damage to his boat, Brian seemed to have winch issues but this did not slow him down.

David had good starts, as usual and got his boat to the front several times, Rogers Boat seemed to revel on the reaches.

Garry’s Boat was shared with Paul and John for a couple of races and went well.

Due to the cold several sailors left before the end, but everybody seemed to enjoy the days sailing.

Please note formal IOM racing starts Tuesday 13th so charge your batteries and come along.


Today’s Course 2 laps

Radio Control Sailing March 2021

Inaugural sailing sessions, more of a general report than description of racing to help sailors understand what’s been going on.

Monday 29 March saw the first sailing day for 2021 in blustery conditions enjoyed by about twelve 65 and 95 boats. Several new faces appeared to join the informal racing, generally several breakdowns occurred after the winter layup but there was an abundance of help, advice and banter accompanying the sailing.

We’ve managed at long last Brian, Paul, Garry, Roger and Barry to sort out Simons 95 winch problems … it turned out to be a corrupt Model entry on his flysky transmitter… mainly spotted by Roger after changing winch, receiver etc, a new model was created in the transmitter and problem was resolved

Brian Tanner is the new DF65 / 95 class captain and will, with others, help any new comers.

Most important is that Brian was awarded the club trophy on Monday for all his generosity and hard work over the last year .

We are personally aware of all the good work being undertaken by Garry in the background, he’s very modest about his achievements for us within the club building a very strong positive bond thank you Garry.

Tuesday 30 March saw the first gathering of IOMs enjoying summer weather with several new boats appearing and showing very good speed, in particular Richard, with his boat Panacea was very fast and he was mixing it at the front, Paul is building one as well so watch out regulars.

Today’s gathering saw nine boats race, in the light wind which gradually increased in strength allowing an increase from one lap to two laps. New faces won races, Simon and Richard, Barry and John wanted the same water for most the day resulting in tangles and enforced disqualification of both. The standard of racing is now a bit tighter allowing new faces and boats opportunity to show what can be done with practice and commitment.

Rule observance was lax and due to the slight informal nature was overlooked, but hopefully this will be better next time and I ask that rules be observed to ensure a better standard and safer racing avoiding damage and upsets please. The course was challenging with buoys difficult to see which did not help matters. May we remind you that Roger is IOM class captain and always willing to help.

Note for your diary:

We normally run a number of championships throughout  the year.  However in 2020/2021 season all activities were cancelled due to Covid.  We have great pleasure to announce that the IOM championship for Spring/Summer 2021 will start on Tuesday 13 April and the DF65/DF95 championship for Spring/Summer 2021 will start on Monday 19 April.  Further details to follow shortly.

Roger Prout  Class Captain IOM

Brain Tanner   Class Captain DF65/DF95

Barry Truman  RC Steering Group

Today’s Course 1 / 2 laps depending on wind strength

GREAT NEWS - RC sailing has restarted from 29 March with a few simple limitations. The rule of 6 is the most pertinent.

31 March 2021